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Birthdate:Feb 18
Location:Florida, United States of America

An almost 18 year old girl who's getting close to graduating high school, who might be moving to Florida, who's entirely too addicted to the internet, who loves to roleplay.
Who has a huge family, but the ones you'll hear most about in this journal are Maryjane, niece, age 3, older sister to Marley, niece, age 1, daughters of Tina, and Tyler, age 14, nephew, older brother of Benny, age 13, sons to Michelle.

tv shows

True Blood; Gilmore Girls; Psych; Burn Notice; White Collar; iCarly; Victorious; Wizards of Waverly Place; Good Luck Charlie; Party Down; Bones; Life with Derek.


Protector of the Small; Song of the Lioness; Trickster's Choice & Trickster's Queen; Circle of Magic; The Circle Opens; The Will of the Empress; Marley and Me; The Trixie Belden Series; Harry Potter; The Bloody Jack Series, The Looking Glass Wars, The Secret Garden; Percy Jackson & the Olympians; The Secret History of the Pink Carnation and sequels.


Juno; Hairspray; West Side Story; Marley and Me; Harry Potter, The Secret Garden; Percy Jackson & the Olympians; Zombieland.

For pairings, see interests.

Character RP List is here. Last Updated... In Process.

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alex russo, alex/nearly anyone, alyss/dodge, amy/richard, booth/brennan, cat/tori, david deluise, david henrie, degrassi, derek/casey, disney, disney channel, dragons, eclare, harry/ginny, henry/casey, jade/beck, jade/cat, jade/tori, jake t. austin, jalex, jennifer stone, jerry russo, juno/bleeker, justin russo, justin/alex, kel/dom, lily/james, literati, magic, maria canals barrera, mary/dickon, max russo, micheal/fiona, nico/rachel, percy/annabeth, percy/annabeth/nico, percy/annabeth/nico/rachel, pocket elves, rachel/annabeth, rory/jess, sam/carly, sam/carly/freddie, sam/freddie, selena gomez, shawn/juliet, spells, sub station, thalia/luke, thalia/luke/annabeth, theresa russo, tris/briar, trixie/jim, wands, waverly place, werewolves, wichita/columbus, wiz tech, wizards, wizards of waverly place

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